DAF Glokal Motor


As per our sectoral growth plans, collaborating with PACCAR Group, being the largest heavy vehicle company in USA and one of top three brands in Europe, GLOKAL A.Ş., company established in October 2016 as a Group subsidiary to operate for DAF vehicles Sales and Services, continue to operate in İstanbul Anatolian and Europe sides. With professional teams and current technology, the company offers DAF brand vehicle sales, service and spare part provision at an area of 1,800 m2 in Anatolian side Orhanlı-Tuzla district and European side İkitelli Basın Ekspress Highway district at an area of 3300 m2. Furthermore, the company is available to provide services to any vehicle and trailers of any brand with its fully equipped Brake test devices, vehicle body repair hardware. DAF aims to reach 6% Market Share in Turkey until 2018, and to reach 10% in 2019 our collaboration with DAF Turkey will be enhanced.