Drive Line

Perfection in New CF and XF Drive Line

The power of the new CF and XF comes from the highly torque-driven PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings. Numerous innovations result in higher torque at lower revs for the highest fuel efficiency.

Engine Innovations

Expanded Eco Mode
Fully variable oil, steering and cooling fluid pumps for the highest fuel efficiency in the industry, new piston ring package and new piston profile contribute to reduce friction. Furthermore a new turbocharger and a new combustion system are included for maximum efficiency. More Eco Mode options are available for the new CF and XF. The Eco Performance Mode provides a balance between high driving performance and the highest fuel economy. The Eco Fuel Mode, which changes gears at lower speeds, is the best choice for maximum fuel economy.
Low maintenance costs  
Maintenance and repair costs can lead to a large reduction in your earnings. For this reason new features are added to minimize wear and tear. For instance, the clutch control is now incorporated into the clutch housing to protect it from water and tire-related damage. The alternator is electronically controlled to make the battery charge better. These innovations increase your resilience, credibility and, ultimately, your profitability.  

















High performance gearbox

The new CF and XF are equipped with the latest generation of Traxon automated gearboxes (12 and 16-speed). The lower fuel consumption is achieved with lower friction losses, faster shifting ability and the exhaustive use of EcoRoll. Silent and smooth operation and precise clutch operation increase driver comfort. The Traxon automated transmission also enables higher drive line speeds by providing an even higher deceleration rate at the lowest gears.






Highly efficient rear axles

In addition to this new engine and gearboxes, high-efficiency rear axles with low friction rims are used. In addition, engine speed can be lowered for faster fuel economy with faster rates starting at 2.05. machined differential gear sets are used to reduce friction losses and new bearings and felts on the rear axle with low-level, low-friction rear axle oil are developed.






External design




Best in class cabin features