New Chassis

İdeal foundation for any superstructure

Perfection can be seen in intelligently designed chasses of the new trucks. This chassis manufactured from high quality steel is durable, balanced and light. Furthremore it includes features that allow saving from space to offer streamline chassis manufacturers.

Powerful, light and superior handling

Maximum flexibility

Perfection can also be seen in intelligently designed chasses of the new trucks. This chassis manufactured from high quality steel is durable and light. For trailer units and in some truck models solid and light rear axe is connected via Stablink.

  • Low weight increases the fuel savings and load capacities and offers transportation efficiency.
  • Stablink rear axe ensures that the suspansion to tilt with ultimate balance and offers larger load capacities and ultimate handling.

The new CF and XF offers unique efficiency in chassis layout. The components can be designed to compensate your unique needs in the best way possible for maximum efficiency. Furthermore they feature a spacious area for attaching pump systems, crane feet support and or large fueloil tanks.

  • Smart chassis layout allows trailers to attach fueloil tanks that are larger than 1500 litres.
  • The locations where the chassis combinations can be placed are virtually infinite and offer the best flexibility in the sector.

Friend to the frame manufacturers

Extremely compact EAS unit

The new CF and XF includes a Frame Attachment Module (BAM) program offering great convenience to frame manufacturers. Special modules are available for boxed frames and attaching cranes. A standard hole shape is available in order to attach the traverses and rear cover load lifting equipment to the back.

  • Expanded Frame Attachment Program shortens the manufacturing period.
  • Having the chassis completely flat and the components attached inside offers great convenience to frame manufacturers.

For CF and XF, brand new and highly compact Emission Aftertretment System is developed. This also ensures more space on the chassis. For exclusive applications, DeNOx system and Diesel Particle Filter separation are not required. This also contributes to highest efficiency.

  • The highly compact EAS unit offers mor espace on the chassis.
  • With a weight below 50 kilograms translates to increased load capacity.

ECAS pneumatic suspension


Electronic controlled pneumatic suspension (ECAS) is completely renewed for perfect reliability, durability and functionality The new features include pressure rate control, axle lifting 2 control and pressure lifting bellow control. Furthermore, in order to stabilize the axles as auxiliary equipment such as crane or hook lift are used, ECAS halt and ECAS contact and halt features are included. The seats include an illuminated, new and easy to use remote controls.

  • New ECAS options offers safer operation during loading and unloading.
  • Drivers acces precise controls for each condition with the easy to use remote control.


Best in class cabin features


External design


Drive line