Interior Features

Truck taken as example in driver comfort

The best driver is the most comfortable driver. For this reason, interior design is one of the most important parts of the New LF. As the driver enters the cabin, he meets with high comfort standards, user-friendly features and safety.



All of the controls on the attractive control panel, which have a comprehensive range of dashboards and maximum ease of use, are intelligently arranged according to their functions and are positioned in easily accessible positions. Thanks to the extra large capacity of the heating and ventilation system, the cabin can be brought to ideal temperature quickly and offers excellent comfort for drivers who enter and exit the cabinet many times during the day.


In order to make reading much more easier on the stylish and accessible instrument panel, new fonts and a new style is used. Furthermore the Driver Data Panel enhances driver comfort and efficiency by providing more information. To further enhance the driver's performance, the settings on the instrument panel are grouped more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) offers even more clues for economic driving.


The new LF offers a wide range of storage options: a spacious and lockable storage compartment in the engine tunnel, side pockets on the door panels and two large compartments on the windshield. The extended Day Cab and Sleeper Cab models are fitted with three additional lockable storage compartments behind the seats, one standard being 23 liters and the other two being 39 liters.


The adjustable, multi-functional steering wheel contributes to the perfect driving position. There are integrated buttons for cruise control, engine brake, radio and handset-free TruckPhone, and the dual DIN slot for the climate control and optional Truck Navigation Radio system are easily accessible.


The new LF has an extremely comfortable driver's seat with various adjustments up to 210 mm in height and 120 mm in height. In this case, the driver seat with optional heating feture and air spring is also available as an option when the perfect driving position is achieved for drivers with different sizes.


External design




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