New Chassis


Low weight and high load capacity The new LF allows you to be the best in your class and work with the highest net profit at your job. With its modern, powerful and lightweight chassis, the new LF does not compromise robustness and flexibility.

Completely optimized suspension

The new LF offers an extremely comfortable driving experience. Front suspension is fully optimized to provide a perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and durability. The front axles (3.6 to 7.5 tonnes) offer ample capacity to prevent overloading with light loads. The new LF also has unparalleled maneuverability due to its smallest turning radius in this segment.

High performance axles

An optimized LF for every application is available, with its rear axle and final gear units offering different options. All axles from the lightest 5 tonne SR 5.10 axle to the SR 1344 rear axle with 13 tonnes extra capacity for the 19 tonnes LF model; designed for top performance, long service life and maximum driving comfort. Regardless of the conditions, there is a differential lock option in almost all axle models for maximum traction and vehicle control.

Much higher load capacity

The new LF has the highest load capacity of its class thanks to various chassis lengths and wheelbase options. In the new LF, the axle distances are up to 6.90 metres. Therefore, the truck can operate with a much higher load capacity, with a possible load length of over 9 metres. The long wheelbase allows the vehicle to be unrivaled in its class with up to 1240 liters of fuel capacity. With this feature, LF offers a wide working range, allowing the driver to fill the depot where the fuel prices are at the lowest level.

Superior advantage for frame manufacturers

New LF; including new factory-installed Frame Attachment Module (BAM) programs that allow quick and easy installation of box-type casters, rear lifts, dampers, winches and other equipment, offers innovations that offer advantages to frame manufacturers. In addition, the combination of more axle distance and rear extension offers extra flexibility. Therefore the chassis can be configured to be ready for production for all types of chassis and upper structures.


Perfect working environment


External design


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