DAF Genuine Accessories


Functional and fun

DAF Trucks offers a great service for your investment and to help you reduce fuel consumption and have high quality and low maintenance costs. However there is more! With the DAF accessory group, you can improve both the performance and the appearance of your vehicle by tailoring your truck to your needs.

The DAF accessory suite offers everything you need for your business

  • Features that reduce costs to lower fuel costs and increase profits from your investment
  • Driving safely to protect the drivers and DAF trucks as well as other road users and the environment
  • Easy driving to further enhance driver comfort
  • Great impression to improve the look of your trucks and make your drivers on the steering wheel proud!
  • Products: unique designs made from quality materials and customized to customer needs

DAF accessory group: all extras that can make a big difference in the transportation sector. A special product line helps to further improve the "function" of drivers and trucks, allowing you to add a little "fun" to your daily work. It reduces operating costs and improves the image of your company while providing more safety and comfort on the road. Moreover, there is a special DAF group for anyone who wants to enjoy the DAF experience. On the road and off the road.

A comprehensive range of DAF accessories has been developed for each DAF truck. DAF XF, CF and LF. From spoilers, seat covers, sun visors and aluminum wheels to a cooler or TV / video. Each accessory is made from quality materials to ensure durability and perfect fit to your trucks. With a robust, attractive design that makes them enjoy their use and enjoyment, various features enhance the driving experience.