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DAF Lubricants

DAF Lubricants is an indispensable part of our DAF Genuine Parts series and our efforts to retain customers. Thanks to our wide range of DAF lubricants we are able to offer you oils for every PACCAR engine model.

The DAF Lubricants group covers all engine oils from high performance to fuel economy, from mineral to synthetics. Drive line lubricants are also an important part of the DAF Lubricant group and include gear oils for manual, automatic gearboxes and differential gear. We also offer you a complete set of cooling fluids to cover the complete program.

All selected DAF Lubricants products perform five very important functions in order to meet high DAF standards and approval process.

1. Lubrication
The metal parts in the motors move at very high speeds and have extremely low tolerances. For this reason, proper lubrication is imperative.

2. Sealing
Though the tolerance between the piston and the cylinder wall is very low, there is a small gap. The oil fills this gap to protect the compression ratio and therefore the motor's power.

3. Cooling 
Oil is a little known but a very important function is heat transfer. The heat is removed from the engine's hot zones and the oil dissipates as it passes through the cooler.

4. Cleaning
Detergents in the oil help prevent accumulation on hot surfaces. This keeps the engine clean, especially the pistons, and prevents the piston rings from becoming trapped.

5. Corrosion protection 
The combustion in the engine exposes the acids that cause corrosion. The oil contains special detergents which neutralize these acids and prevent corrosion.