Why TRP?


TRP advantages:

TRP quality
TRP Genuine Parts meets the strictest requirements of the company's quality standards. Without exception, all products are subject to rigorous testing and extreme conditions. All original TRP products meet the requirements of various applicable industry standards. Quality is achieved with a TRP product!

Shopping in one adress for each brand, type or age
Regardless of the age of the vehicle, TRP offers a wide range of quality parts and workshop equipment for all truck and trailer brands.

It's not just parts: It is also time maintenance and installation services
In addition to part warehouses, there are also professional workshops in the TRP points of sale, where specialized technicians who can handle the entire fleet are available.

TRP Genuine Parts and parts of well known brands
In addition to TRP Genuine Parts, TRP points of sale also contain all the parts groups of well known first-class brands. Each customer presents the right product at an affordable price.

Parts and workmanship warranty
Quality and reliability are at the heart of our business. All TRP group products are covered by a one-year full warranty. If the assembly is carried out at the TRP workshop, the one-year warranty covers both parts and workmanship.

A network of more than 1000 sales pointsWith more than 1000 sales points in Europe, you can find a service close to you to purchase spare parts or to take advantage of maintenance and servicing.
TRP: Complete solution for all your fleet!

Why TRP?:

You will find everything you need for your trailer, body parts and workshop materials and vehicles in this TRP program. Once you find your part, it is enough to place an order by calling or visiting your local DAF vendor. These vendors keep a wide variety of items in their stock, and in many cases parts that are not available in their hands are delivered by PACCAR Parts in a night via a overnight fast parts delivery service. Your fellow DAF vendor knows better how important the time is in your business.