TRP Genuine Parts


TRP Genuine Parts: The right choice

When choosing TRP Genuine Parts, you can be confident that you are buying a quality product at a competitive price.

TRP Genuine Parts are available for most common products. New product groups are constantly added to the range and meet the same high quality standards as existing products. A TRP Genuine Part is always the right choice.

In addition to TRP private label parts, the TRP product range includes all products of top-notch brands well-known by all leading OEM suppliers. In this respect, TRP meets the needs of every customer by always offering the right parts at reasonable prices. The real one stop shop for your truck, trailer or workshop.


TRP ? Trucks of Any Brand? One stop shop

Variety is the joy of life. However, a single point of contact, a single visit and a single bill can be much more practical if you want to provide a reasonably cost-effective way for your vehicles to run smoothly when a mixed file arrives for service and track replacement.

For this reason, PACCAR Parts presents TRP truck parts products from all of its comprehensive brands through its franchisees. The quality you can rely on thanks to more than 50 leading OEM suppliers as well as TRP guaranteed private label parts.

TRP supplies a comprehensive range of products, including more than 60,000 parts, for leading brands such as MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, Scania and Volvo, through a network of 1000 vendors in 26 countries.

Fleet operators choose a balanced vehicle that best meets all kinds of transportation and logistics requirements, from long-haul truck haulage and group-to-ship to multi-haul haulage.

The choice of truck varies due to the load to be carried, from petrochemicals to foodstuffs, from dry goods to machines, to electrical equipment or to flowers. Supply and demand, availability, discount and dealership performance also affect final truck selection.

Trailer and Body Parts

Behind every good trailer is a kind of trailer or superstructure. Different options for every application, from side tilt trucks, from sliding trucks to twin or lift truck trailers and truck bodies, from ambient or refrigeration units to bulk carriers.

Trailers are usually produced locally to meet specific market demands. They are assembled with industry standard parts. At this point, the TRP proves itself with comprehensive trailer parts that meet virtually all of the retrofit requirements with a suitable price.

The TRP trailer group consists of a wide range of well-known, first-class brands, as well as a large group of TRP private labels. This means TRP is a solution for all trailer and trailer axle applications such as SAF, BPW, Arvin Meritor, Gigant SMB. To reiterate, it's a real one-on-one shopping opportunity.

TRP Materials

The more they work, the more they are used. Large, heavy-duty trucks fold truck rods for five to six days a week, 48 weeks a year. Light trucks that are used for multiple deliveries must endure a hard stop-and-go operation and the idle time or heavy traffic equally. Therefore, proper lubrication of each motor, transmission and axle element is ensured so that everything can be safely operated and protected at high operating temperatures.

Regarding the amount of grease, liquid, oil or additive required for your heavily driven vehicle, the TRP has the right approved product to meet your workshop needs. Vehicles also help facilitate all service and maintenance activities. The quality you can rely on, the prices that give you your money's worth.

A complete range of quality materials for all your workshop needs

  • Liquid Seals and Adhesives for Business
  • Specified oils and greases to lighten the load
  • Cleaning products for cleaning residues
  • Aerosols for all kinds of workshops

All TRP applications and products are tested and approved according to the highest sectoral and administrative legislation.

TRP ? A complete solution for your needs in your workshop

A well-equipped and organized workshop is very important to maintain and increase customer satisfaction. Whether it's a routine inspection or a repair job, technicians, customers and vehicles deserve the best tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality service and to deliver the vehicle in perfect condition.

TRP offers a complete range of quality workshop tools for every job. Whether you need just a screwdriver or a state-of-the-art oil measurement system, they are all available in one-stop shopping TRP program.

If your needs exceed the technicians' basic tools and you are looking for a turn-key solution for your entire workshop, the right address to fulfill your needs is once again the same: TRP. The TRP cooperates with a team of experienced workshop equipment engineers to provide tailor-made accurate recommendations for workshop equipment. Whether you only need a tool change or a completely new workshop equipment, our partners have the experience to make you a professional recommendation. We are running the whole project, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Whether you are just looking for a screwdriver or a completely new workshop equipment, TRP is the right partner to meet your needs. For all our workshop equipment products see our catalog or contact your nearest DAF dealer.